Stock Market Project

After we read The Westing Game we did a project. The project was to pick 5 stocks you wanted to invest in. We did this project because Turtle (someone in The Westing Game) really enjoyed investing in the stock market. We got 20,000 fake dollars to use to invest. We used google sheets to keep track of what we made and what we lost. One of our math specialists came in and helped us put in different formulas on our google sheet so it would be easier to calculate our total earnings and losses. We had a winner who had the most money made and a winner who lost the most money.

Scouts BSA

In my Language Arts class, we presented a TED-like talk. I presented my TED talk about Scouts BSA. I really enjoyed being able to share something that I enjoyed doing. When I got up to the screen to present, all of my nerves disappeared. After I presented, a lot of people in my class really enjoyed my TED-like talk. I learned a lot from other TED-like talks, so I really hoped they learned something from mine. In my TED like talk I used both slides and props.

The Last Cuentista

This year in Language Arts,  we read a book called The Last Cuentista. This book was so fun to read! There were cliffhangers at the end of each chapter and made me more interested and want to keep reading the book. The book talked about keeping stories and passing them down, so we wrote a story about a story that was passed down to you. I really enjoyed reading and talking about the book in our class. 

After reading the book The Last Cuentista we wrote a story about your ideal world. I really enjoyed writing this story because we got to write about whatever we wanted and we got to use our imagination. People wrote about cotton candy trees and a planet where you can breathe underwater. We also got to draw pictures of our planet as seen below. 

After we finished reading the book and writing the stories we got to do something creative. We got to make handmade books with Peg Gignoux. We used Akua ink and leaves to make different patterns. Next we cut and collaged the paper into our book. Finally, we glued our stories into the book.

Overall, 6th Grade Language Arts was so fun and I have learned so much. I feel like I am a stronger writer and reader now! I totally recommend reading The Last Cuentista.

La Ciudad de Durham

Hola, mi nombre es Anya. Yo vivo en Carolina del norte y estudió en Durham Academy. Me gusta jugar futbol. Yo tengo 12 años. Mi cumpleaños es el tres de marzo. Voy a hablar de Durham de Carolina del norte.


Primero, en Durham puedes visitar la Universidad de Duke. En la Universidad de Duke puedes estudiar o ver el partido de basquetbol en el estadio de Cameron, puedes ver las flores, y ver deportes de Duke. ¿Te gusta ver partidos de basquetbol? ¿Has estado en la Universidad de Duke?


Segundo, en Durham puedes visitar el Jardín de Sarah P. Duke. En el jardín puedes mirar los peces, tomar fotos de las flores, y visitar el invernadero. Puedes caminar por el jardín. ¿Te gusta caminar por el jardín? ¿Cuál es tu flor favorita?


Tercero, en Durham puedes visitar el Teatro Carolina. En el teatro puedes ver una película y obras. Puedes escuchar conciertos y comidas en el restaurante.¿Te gusta ver películas? ¿Te gusta la comida?


Finalmente, en Durham puedes visitar El Estadio de Béisbol de Los Toros de Durham puedes ver béisbol, comprar recuerdos, y comer en los restaurantes. Puedes caminar en el estadio. ¿Te gusta el béisbol ? ¿Te gusta ver béisbol?


En conclusión, en Durham hay calles, muchos carros, y edificios. Durham tiene tiendas y escuelas. Está llena de muchos restaurantes. En mi opinión, Durham es divertido, fantástico, interesante, y moderno.


Heat Shield Project

In science this year we learned about heat transfer. In the unit we learned about conduction, convection and radiation. We also learned about insulators and conductors. When we finished learning, my teacher told us that we would be doing a project on heat shields. We had to create a heat shield that would protect an egg from a blow torch. My science teacher broke up into different teams. My team name was AAA Enterprises because all of our names started with an A. We did a lot of test runs. Our final was made out of tinfoil, metal lathe, dried pasta, cotton balls, and sponge. Our egg was cooked 2 millimeters of the egg!!! Our eggs name was Greg the Egg. This project was so fun!!

My Ideal World

Welcome to my world Limitless. My world is called Limitless because my name Anya means limitless. Limitless is a world with only 2 seasons, winter and spring. The winter will never be too cold, but it does snow and there are skiing parks EVERYWHERE. In the spring it is the perfect temperature, it is never too hot. The best thing about this planet is that it rains money once a week! 

The people on Limitless are really kind and super organized! If you go into their house everything is organized by color and size. There is equality for who you are! Another thing about the people on Limitless  is that everyone gets along well. 

The children on Limitless go to school but it is not lectures, it is fun! The boring old subjects are gone. We play games to help teach the content. For the adults, every adult has a job if they want to. If they don’t they can stay home but no one is laid off.  

The environment on Limitless is like a dream. There is no pollution in the air. No trash on the sides of the road. The grass is very GREEN and the sky is always GOLD. There are two sets of mountains, on the north and south sides. One unique thing about my planet is that my planet is a cube. Another unique thing about my planet is that what it looks like at night is different from what it looks like in the morning.

Museum of Natural Science Field Trip

Taken by a DA teacher

On January 27,2023 my grade went to the Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh. We got on the bus and started to leave. When we got to the museum everyone was super excited. We got off the bus and went to the museum. We got split into groups. My group started at the rock section. We saw different rocks. We even saw gold!! Then we saw a ginormous whale! We then went up to the dinosaur exhibit. We saw a bunch of different dinosaurs.Then we crossed the sky bridge! I thought this was really cool because we saw the road next to us. We then had lunch. I sat with my friends and we talked about what we saw. Next, we went to my favorite exhibit in the museum. It was called the RACE Exhibit.  It was really interesting! I would really recommend this museum!!! 

Window or Mirror

A book I have enjoyed is Hoot, by Carl Hiaasen. I really enjoyed this book because there are always cliffhangers. Carl Hiaasen has a lot of different books. The next one I am going to read is Scat. Carl Hiaasen’s books are based on animals. These books are realistic fiction. 

Hoot is a window book. Window books are books that don’t reflect on you or have similarities. But, a mirror book is a book that does reflect on you and has similarities. This is a window because I don’t live in Montana and the main character is not a female. I also don’t go to a public school and I don’t take the bus to school. I really enjoyed this book! I hope you will try this series.

Wisdom Tale Project

Stop motion

For Language Arts we learned read about different Wisdom Tales. We then had do a project. Anaya and I decided to do a Stopmotion. A Stopmotion is a way to make a object move. You have to take a photo then move the object, you keep repeating that. We chose the wisdom tale The Smuggler. The moral of The Smuggler is sometimes we can’t see what is in front of us. We took 115 photos for our stop motion!!! We used iMovie to edit our stop motion. Making a stop motion was a really fun project!!

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