Museum of Natural Science Field Trip

Taken by a DA teacher

On January 27,2023 my grade went to the Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh. We got on the bus and started to leave. When we got to the museum everyone was super excited. We got off the bus and went to the museum. We got split into groups. My group started at the rock section. We saw different rocks. We even saw gold!! Then we saw a ginormous whale! We then went up to the dinosaur exhibit. We saw a bunch of different dinosaurs.Then we crossed the sky bridge! I thought this was really cool because we saw the road next to us. We then had lunch. I sat with my friends and we talked about what we saw. Next, we went to my favorite exhibit in the museum. It was called the RACE Exhibit.  It was really interesting! I would really recommend this museum!!! 

Window or Mirror

A book I have enjoyed is Hoot, by Carl Hiaasen. I really enjoyed this book because there are always cliffhangers. Carl Hiaasen has a lot of different books. The next one I am going to read is Scat. Carl Hiaasen’s books are based on animals. These books are realistic fiction. 

Hoot is a window book. Window books are books that don’t reflect on you or have similarities. But, a mirror book is a book that does reflect on you and has similarities. This is a window because I don’t live in Montana and the main character is not a female. I also don’t go to a public school and I don’t take the bus to school. I really enjoyed this book! I hope you will try this series.

Wisdom Tale Project

Stop motion

For Language Arts we learned read about different Wisdom Tales. We then had do a project. Anaya and I decided to do a Stopmotion. A Stopmotion is a way to make a object move. You have to take a photo then move the object, you keep repeating that. We chose the wisdom tale The Smuggler. The moral of The Smuggler is sometimes we can’t see what is in front of us. We took 115 photos for our stop motion!!! We used iMovie to edit our stop motion. Making a stop motion was a really fun project!!

A Story About My Name…

My name Anya has a meaning to it. I got this name because my name means gracious and graceful. My parents wanted me to have an easy name to spell and pronounce.  They wanted me to have an easy name to pronounce so it would make it easier for classmates, peers, friends, teachers, and others to say. My parents wanted me to have a name to reflect on my Indian background. Both my parents’ mom and dad are from India and my grandparents parents are also from India.


Camp Hanes

On Thursday and Friday, I went on my first overnight trip to Camp Hanes in King, North Carolina. When the Sixth Grade got to school we were all super excited to go to Camp Hanes. We brought big duffle bags and sleeping bags. The Sixth Grade took two big charter buses, we got to watch movies and talk to friends. When the bus started moving we were all so excited to get there. When we got there everyone at Camp Hanes was very nice and super excited. We grabbed our luggage and brought it to the gym. Then we went into a room where we played 4 corners. When the teachers came in they told us which two advisories are together.  My advisor Señora Salas and Mr. Lovett’s advisors were together. The boys and girls were in different cabins. When I got to my cabin I was super excited we unpacked our stuff. I put my bed sheets and sleeping bag on my bunk. When everyone was done unpacking we all headed to the dining hall.

When I got into The Dining Hall, I went to go find my advisor. We ate our lunch family style which means we ate together and had a big bowl of mac & cheese. After lunch we split into our activity groups. My activity group was going on the hike first so we filled our water bottles and followed our guide up the mountain. When we got to the top it was a very pretty view. We could see Camp Hanes from the top. We could also see Winston Salem from the top of the hike!! The hike was really fun! 

One struggle that I had on the hike was having to climb the very steep parts of the hike. We had to climb a rope, there were slippery rocks under us so it was very slippery. Something I enjoyed at Camp Hanes was the Sky Hammock. A Sky Hammock is a hammock that is in the air and you lay on it. It was so fun!!!! I also really enjoyed the Campfire because we got to roast s’mores. At the campfire we sang songs and we watched the counselor put on very funny skits. The whole trip was really fun!! Thank you Camp Hanes!!!

My Backpack

This summer I read Finding Someplace, by Denise Lewis Patrick. Finding Someplace is about a girl named Reesie, who lived during hurricane Katrina. Reesie lived in New Orleans. She had to quickly pack her backpack. Her family wasn’t with her so she had to think about what her family would want her to bring. She brought her phone, some important papers, and an important book that her neighbor wrote.

If there was a natural disaster in my hometown of Cary, I would bring all my devices, because I want to be able to contact my family and friends.Also I would bring flashlights and extra batteries, so if my flashlight goes out I will have extra batteries to put in. I would also bring water and food because we might not know how long we won’t have power for. I also would bring a first aid kit and all of my device chargers.

I would also grab my family’s passports and, just in case we would have to leave the country. Along with the passports I would bring my parents ID’s. I would also bring extra clothes, a tent, and blankets, so I can stay warm. Finally, I would bring my memory book because it has all my memories in it and it means a lot to me. This is what I would bring if there was a natural disaster in my hometown of Cary.